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Gutter Installation Techniques for Unique Fascia Styles

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Creative Team June 3rd, 2024

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Purchasing your dream home is something everyone around the world can relate to. House shopping definitely has its challenges, such as deciding on school districts, whether to keep the old furniture or get it new, how much money to put down, how much time you’ll spend packing, etc.

The exciting part for many homeowners is choosing the aesthetics of the home-granite countertops, carpeting, backyard space, cabinetry, gas stoves and so much more. While all of these things are incredibly important, it’s very common that homeowners don’t consider other major factors that could over time be a costly issue to deal with. One of those factors is gutters.

Gutters are by no means exciting (except to our team of experts) but they play a crucial role in managing heavy flows of water, and are what we often call your outdoor plumbing. Gutters are a necessity to all homes, and our install specialists at C&K are experts when it comes to installing gutters on different styles of fascia. Continue reading to learn more.

What is fascia?

Fascia is the broad facing board on the outside of your home right below your roof shingles. This is the standard way many homes are designed, and gutter installation is very simple. We use galvanized aluminum hidden supper hangers and 3 ½ zinc coated galvanized steel screws to anchor the gutters to your home.

The nails will be drilled into your fascia, sub-fascia, and into your rafters guaranteeing maximum reinforcement. Since the South is notorious for the torrential downpours we experience, having a robustly reinforced gutter system avoids potential issues such as sagging and buckling gutters from heavy rainfalls.

Our install specialists will reinforce your gutter system at a perfect distance to ensure maximum rigidity to your gutter system. When it comes to other styles of fascia like offset fascia, we employ other techniques.

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What is offset fascia?

● Offset fascia is when the fascia is slanted instead of being broad facing. We still anchor your system the same using the hidden super hangers and the galvanized zinc coated screws, however, we also use galvanized aluminum wedges to ensure your gutters are pitched correctly.
● When gutters are professionally installed they should be under your shingles drip edge to catch all the water that runs off. If the gutters are installed canted with the roofline, they won’t catch the water runoff properly, which is why a wedge is needed.

How can wedges be used for crown molding?

● We also use wedges for homes that have crown molding. Crown molding is an expensive ornamental style of fascia, which is why our expert installers preserve your crown molding by using wedges or even building out the fascia in some cases.

What if you have no fascia? How is it installed?

● What if your home has no fascia board? Are you still able to have gutters installed? The answer is yes! Our expert installers are trained often in the latest techniques for gutter installation for a variety of home design styles.
● One of the techniques we employ for homes that don’t have fascia is using roof straps. The straps are anchored to the hidden super hangers and attached to the top of the roof using our industry leading silicone. Using this method, the weight of the gutters is supported by the roof.

If you’re unsure what style of fascia you have, schedule a free estimate with one of our specialists. Not only will you be provided with a full inspection, you’ll receive a detailed copy of your blueprints, our insurances, and all warranties.

We keep our clients in the loop so there are never any surprises. Contact our team to see why we’re becoming the fastest growing gutter company in Savannah, GA and surrounding areas.