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What Does A Gutter Installation Entail?

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Creative Team June 11th, 2024


Seamless gutter install on a home in Brunswick

The most economical gutter to install on your house is undoubtedly one made of aluminum. Your gutters can be installed by an expert or you may decide to DIY. However, there is an art to gutter installation. Having the right tools and materials are just a start.

A Superior Option

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a team of skilled specialists to install your gutters. C&K Custom Gutter Solutions, LLC is a company that specializes in comprehensive gutter remodeling. After a thorough inspection of your home, our experts will provide you with a good for one year quote. In most cases, our crews install it the next day. As a professional company who values your time, rest assured we will never have you waiting longer than one week for an install except for in extreme circumstances.

Hiring a crew to do your gutter install for you saves you a lot of time and from making costly mistakes trying to do it yourself. Adding gutters or gutter guards to your home is a key way to increase your home’s valuation. What sets us apart is the warranty we guarantee on all installs; we guarantee a 15 year warranty on all the gutters we fabricate and install on your property ensuring our clients receive the highest standard with every installation. To put that in perspective, most gutter companies only warranty the work they do for under a year!

C&K Custom Gutter Solutions is committed to making sure you get a return on your home investment. All of our custom made systems provide durability, functionality, and longevity so you will never have to worry about your gutter system again.

Two Options to Install Gutters


You need considerable strength and experience to install an aluminum gutter on your own. Cutting and joining the parts isn’t too difficult, but ascending and descending ladders all day might be tiresome and taxing on the body. The installation of the system will take an ordinary one-story home between 4-8 hours depending on size.

Since most home improvement stores only have vinyl gutter runs in lengths of up to 10 feet, you’ll probably need to buy several portions of segmented gutter for longer runs. To estimate the length of the gutter you need to buy, take a measurement along the fascia of your house. You also need to buy a quality silicone sealant, right and left end caps for each separate run, miter strips or miter boxes for corners, A/B elbows, hidden hangers, downspouts, durable metal screws, rivets, and downspout outlet fittings or a hole puncher. In addition, you’ll require a ladder, tin snips, a hacksaw, an end cap crimper, a rivet gun, a level, a screwdriver (ideally a battery-operated screwdriver), and other tools.

The Process

To apply the end caps, use the end cap crimper for a more aesthetically pleasing look. Once attached, apply a generous amount of silicone sealant inside the gutter surrounding the end cap.

Using tin snips and a hacksaw, cut the gutter to the proper length. You’ll need to join two pieces of gutter if the gutter is not long enough. To get a smooth appearance, make sure the two pieces are overlapped by roughly 4 inches and that the factory-cut edge is on the outside. Where the two sections overlap, apply silicone sealant to create a water-tight seal, then wait for it to cure. The parts at the sides should be fastened with sheet metal screws or rivets.

You must utilize a pre-mitered corner piece whenever the gutter needs to turn a corner. Similar to how you would attach an end cap, you must screw or rivet the pieces together on the sides to attach the corner. You can utilize an end cap or add another line of gutter, depending on how your home was constructed.

Discharge Outlet

To make room for your downspout at the end of the run, a 3-inch-diameter hole must be cut in the gutter’s bottom. The cut should be made with a hole saw or hole puncher. Utilizing silicone sealant and rivets, insert an outlet fitting into the hole.

Gutter Slope

Use the level to align the gutter with the house’s fascia. The gutter must be hung at a small downward angle to make an easy journey to your downspouts. The usual procedure is to drop a quarter of an inch for every ten feet of run toward the downspout. This is known as the pitch. We use galvanized aluminum ultra hidden hangers to anchor the gutter to your home. The hidden hanger system attaches to the lip of the gutter and clips on the back. Once attached, screw through the gutter, through the fascia, and into a roof rafter tail. Continue along this path, being careful to accurately pitch the gutter to ensure proper water flow.


Install two elbows using metal screws onto the top of the downspout’s upper end. Put the elbow on the downspout’s top end over the outlet fitting that sticks out of the gutter above. Utilizing metal screws to secure the wall brackets, connect the downspout to the house. In order to direct the water away from your foundation, you should add another B elbow or a splash block to the downspout.


It’s important to remember that gutters with seams are more likely to leak. Seamless gutters are the best kind of gutters, but they can only be created and installed by experts. The benefit of installing seamless gutters is that you will never have to be concerned about leaking gutters again and they are more durable.

The number of stories of your home is another factor to take into account. You should strongly consider hiring a professional with better tools and more experience hanging gutters if your house has more than one story. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent getting badly hurt from a fall and save a substantial amount of money by not having to buy any additional tools. Not only will the gutter installation look better once complete, but you save yourself the time and stress of trying to complete the project on your own.

To keep dirt out of your gutters, you might buy a gutter guard to place on top of them. However, the gutter guards you get from your neighborhood home improvement store are often flimsy, cheap, and have other product integrity issues. Having your gutters cleaned out every year can cost hundreds when hiring an expert crew and will add up over the years. Unfortunately, the gutter guards offered by professional installers are no better. A good portion of gutter installers use whatever they can get from your local hardware store; C&K Custom Gutter Solutions is different. We took the steps to procure a proprietary gutter guard that circumvents many of the issues homeowners encounter from falling debris building up in their gutter systems. Not only will you be building value in your home with our premium gutter guard protection, but the gutter guard protection pays for itself in the long run

C&K gutters and gutter guard protection is expertly installed by our workers, not by independent contractors. You can rely on us to go through the requirements for your home, provide you with a quote, and respond to all of your inquiries. We can install your brand new gutters as soon as the next day. Our specialists install your gutters in a single day and thoroughly clean your yard when we’re done.

The aluminum gutters we use are 20% thicker than industry standard, and our downspouts are 30% bigger than those of our rivals. With our premium gutter guards installed, you don’t need to clean your gutters again. Our gutter protection keeps pests out and sheds leaves and debris. We offer a lifetime warranty on our gutter guards and a 15 year warranty on the craftsmanship of your gutters. You can completely eliminate ever having to climb a ladder again attempting to clean or repair your gutters yourself. With C&K Custom Gutter Solutions you can count on us to only give you the best gutter protection we can offer.

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